What is Your Normal?


Ever wondered what it means to be normal? Me, too! I just finished a couple of paintings showing an arc of balls and boxes. As we try to fit in, we choose a box to represent us.

For example, I am a lawyer, a republican, married, and crazy about baseball – that is my box and I behave accordingly. Or, I am a teacher, a democrat, single, and crazy about shoes. Or, I am a business owner, libertarian, gay, and crazy about theater.

Our face to the world is boxed in, so we can make sense to each other. Personally, I claim to be a writer, a painter, and crazy about art – I’m also a wife, mother and grandmother.

So, what’s up with the balls? To me, the balls represent play and the intuitive YOU. The person you are when you listen to yourself and you make decisions, based on guts instead of intention. From guts grow experience, while from intention, expectation follows.

What kills me is expectation. Every day. I expect myself to do this, to achieve this, to be lauded for this, and for checking off this. It is hard work. While, if I listen to my guts, my instinct, my intuition, I open the door for an experience, I otherwise would not have. Even though my decision based on guts may fail, I have won another valuable experience.

That is my normal and therefore, I don’t seem normal.


    • Thank you Millie! I have painted in oil since 2000 and I have pursued this: to paint a wall-like surface like you find them in churches with frescoes. I am a narrative painter, telling a story on the canvas, which people have done for millennia, since the cave paintings. I love fairy tales, which are stories told, now on paper, but earlier in oral form. I call myself an image-maker and a storyteller.

  1. You are a rare talent.

    I don’t see many posts coming out of your blog, but when they do they have something constructive to say.

    This is a lovely post (an excellent painting.) Your views of boxes and balls are apt for the philosophy in the post. Box (our closed self) can’t move like ball (our wayward self) — and I’m going to remember this line “From guts grow experience, while from intention, expectation follows” for a long time.

    Well done, my friend 🙂

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