The Energy we Create

I wonder about the energy we create. Or the energy we exchange. Or the energy we are attracted to. For instance, I feel different levels of energy, depending on the people I’m with, or the spaces I’m in, or the goals I’m pursuing.

When a person is more energetic than I am, I become more energetic, but when a person is more mellow than I am, I become more mellow. The energy between another person and myself create the space we are in: I respond to highly task oriented people and together we fulfill a goal the best possible way; I also respond to a more laissez-faire attitude from another person and together we relax and enjoy the present moment.

However, I have found that I have a hard time being in the same energetic field for more than a limited time, as I have my own rhythmic energy. When by myself I allow my own intuitive way of producing and maintaining energy that provides for best results in the long run, at least, when it comes to the work I want to have done.

To keep going on a regular schedule, I alternate between running, writing, eating, biking, painting, walking, and socializing. If I were in a 9-5 job I would not have that option. My rhythmic energy yields to the energy of the working place. Or, my energy field spars with the energy fields of my co-workers, which creates a whole new field.

I was just with my sister and brother to move our mother into a Senior Living place. My sister wields her energy like a sword, while my brother is more low key. Because we had a limited time to create our mother’s new home the way she likes it, I did appreciate the high energy from my sister as my own energy accelerated accordingly. On the other hand, my brother’s softer energy works well with our mother on a regular basis, as he is the one physically closest to her.

The energy we create, from meditating together , to dancing together, to finishing projects together, keeps me thinking how we fit or do not fit together and how, when we do fit, optimal energy is created and fulfillment is reached.


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