Twenty years ago my husband asked for a picture of me. I went to a professional photographer to have a picture taken; however, how could I represent myself through one picture? With all that I do; with all that I am? Therefore, I brought four different outfits to represent the full person that I am (the perception of me, whether by myself or by others).


Split identity? Not really. Just facts about being a woman. I am still all four women; however, mostly the wife and artist part. My children are all parents themselves. The career woman never really materialized. I guess the artist was too strong and needed to come out.

It has been twenty years, plus the child rearing years, so another twenty years on top of that (I had my first child in 1977), and to be a woman in our society today is still not on par with being a man. I’m talking about the perception and the expectations of womanhood. How to be/have it all as a woman.

#manwhohasitall on Twitter is asking the same kind of questions to MEN that is normally asked of women. Read it and you will get the picture:


  1. All of us have more than one woman in them and I love that about us. We are complex and one word is not enough to define us. Loved your idea to bring 4 different outfits. I wonder what my choices would be. 🙂

    • Yes. And the fact that I did express myself that way has clarified ‘who I am’ – I have also created a sculpture of four rooms for each of the four women, like four doll house rooms: real fun project. Further, I have four women characters in mind for stories 🙂
      Thanks for your comment!

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