Words Flying

Coming back from a quick trip to Seattle to attend an Art Opening of RUNES REVEALED Nordic5Arts Exhibit in which I have a piece,

Runes Revealed

I spend my two hours flying writing words. And how the words fly across the pages. I’m writing down my thoughts on a new idea for a short piece of prose. I want to write about the three rooms I’ve had on my own since childhood.

  • my very first own room when I was twelve until fourteen (then we moved)
  • my second own room when I was fourteen until nineteen (I left home and moved in together with my boyfriend, to be husband)
  • my third own room after years of marriage, attending UC Berkeley in my forties

What happened in these rooms? Who was I and who did I become? What was my connection to these rooms and how did they shape me?

My first room was romantic and I was romantic, expecting to find prince Charming.

My second room was a work place, where I spent many hours toiling over essays, languages, and incomprehensible science homework. Courted by many boys but seduced by one only, I ended up leaving my own space to share space with him.

My third room was a work place, too, but also, a new space of freedom, after years of marriage and bringing up three kids. A time of mid-life crisis, re-connecting with the girl from the first two rooms. A space of exploration and new experiences.

I have the perfect story to enter for an anthology put together by the Napa Valley Writers Group.

Below is my art piece in RUNES REVEALED:


Being a figurative and narrative painter I looked for runes that could tell a story.  I chose Wunjo, Raidho, and Gebo. From Wunjo that looks like the Latin letter P I immediately perceived a pregnant figure. From Raidho that looks like the Latin letter R I imagined a figure in motion. And from Gebo that looks like the Latin letter X I saw a combined figure of the first two. As I read the meanings of these three runes, with Wunjo representing joy, Raidho representing journey, and Gebo representing gift, indicating balance, I put my interpretation together:

Wunjo is the female principle, Raidho the male principle, and Gebo the combined female/male principles. I added circles on top of the runes indicating heads and the female and male signs inside them. My idea is that we all contain the female and male principles and that the balance of the two in our nature is a gift.


  1. Cool! As I think I’ve mentioned, runes hold great fascination for me, ever since I discovered the writings of Tolkien, back in one of my own first rooms. They carry mystery and power — and that comes through in your art work.

  2. I very much enjoy your description of the rooms above. It has been said that when we write in a place, we begin to own that space,which I guess can be powerful. Thank you!

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