Many Masks

Being human is complicated. And, being a human who writes adds a whole other layer of complexity to your existence. Unlike animals who live simple lives that inhabit a single identity, we humans must constantly shapeshift between myriad roles, sometimes changing who we are multiple times over the course of a single day. In any […]

via On Being Human and a Writer Plus Shareworthy Reading and Writing Links — Live to Write – Write to Live


    • You’re welcome! Really like that blog entry. So funny how women are marked as multitaskers which I’ve come to realize is BS. We want to help, that’s all. But now, a mature woman of almost 62 I KNOW I have to focus on one thing at a time and actually, feel GOOD about that! Spent this week with two of my grandkids and enjoy that but happy they’re not in my daily life that is dedicated to writing and art. ☺️

      • It’s also interesting how often women are expected to prioritize their many faces according to cultural or societal demands (or norms), and how often we fool ourselves into thinking that we CAN multi-task (which, of course, is a complete myth). Sometimes, I think the myth of multi-tasking is something we invented to aid our delusion that we can have it all, all the time. It’s a Big Deal to let that go and learn to live doing one thing at a time. 🙂

  1. Thanks, Elizabeth. The past couple of days I have really been experiencing what she means by this line: “. . . constantly bearing the heavy weight of guilt about the writing I’m not doing.”

    cheers, – Jan


    • Oh yes! Me, too, especially this week babysitting my grandkids I do not write because I focus on the babysitting ☺️

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