Being Danish, Being Happy?

Once again, Denmark took the top spot on the United Nation’s World Happiness Report. Here is why: Why Danes are happy

I grew up in Denmark, went to school through 12th grade, and Danish is my first language. I have lived in the U.S. for almost 35 years, so topping my 25 years in Europe. I am a wealth of information and experiences on the two cultures. If I could I would choose a culture with both American and Danish ingredients.

My American ingredients:

A freedom to be me. To dress like I want, to express what I feel, to speak my accent, in short: to be different. To leave traditions behind, to live without certain expectations, to explore and learn freely.

My Danish ingredients:

To trust and enjoy other people. To believe in the Common Good. To do my best by achievement and sincerity. To not use punishment as a means of becoming. To work together instead of against each other.

I know whether I live here or there, I deal with both good and bad. Nothing is perfect. So, I respect what I know and live my life as close to the combination of me and me.


  1. Very thoughtful, Elizabeth. In these weird days in America, it’s tempting for me to wax romantic about what looks like the relative sanity of Denmark and a few other countries. It’s nice to be reminded that American culture still has its wonderful parts.

  2. You’re welcome Jan. Yes, I do choose to live here with all the ups and downs of American culture. Never boring 🙂

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