Small Town Living

I live in a small town. I live and work here. My husband lives and works here. We bike to work. We walk to town. We seldom leave but when we do we take our one car. Perhaps to visit my mother or brother 3 hours away or perhaps to visit our daughter 2 plane hours away. Our sons are further away: 6 hours by plane, so we go once a year.

We are privileged but not rich. Not like the people who have second homes in the hills. We are lucky to pay a decent rent for a small house, big enough for two. We manage. Our quality of life is high and we know it. We live in a tourist destination and share our town with them. We get to stay. They go back to lives full of career work, kids, homes, cars, and so on.

We like the fact that our footprint is small. That we don’t enter the rows of traffic to get to Costco or Target. We shop food every day at the local market. Fresh food. We shop on line for books, clothes, etc. and must add that to our footprint. We hang with friends and people who visit. The world is at our fingertips through the internet.

As a writer and artist, I’m happy with this arrangement but I also see young families with children who live here, their jobs reflecting the service industries that are prevalent here. I wonder how a country full of many small towns would be compared to a country of big cities and rural areas?




  1. I share you sense of privilege, living in a small tourist-destination town — and like you, I realize I’m insulated from some of the less pleasant realities since I’m no longer raising kids nor working full time. But life’s pretty sweet these days!

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