1. Regarding “Choice”. A very good article. Our perceptions are always interpretations colored by our beliefs and values. The simple rule of do onto others as you would have them do onto you, the golden rule, if observed, would alone create a more civilized and tolerant world. All of our choices reflect our chosen beliefs and handed down traditions that completely color the way that we perceive the world and act in it. Many interpretations about life and existence unfortunately lack wisdom and foresight which then reflects in the words spoken and actions taken. Oh, how I wish that humanity would realize this! We always have a choice. This is where we have freedom and great responsibility as well. We do have the ability to rise above our egos and think in larger terms than our selfish little circles. If only more of us would dare to admit that perhaps we do not really know anything at all and what we hold as true just might not be so. This would be a very promising beginning to a brand new world. We are the creators of our own realities in more ways than one. Why not put our visions toward creating a world that is just and humane for all instead of just a chosen few? If we are all stardust, we share a common essence that only circulates and changes form on this planet. Even in this sense, all the “others” are us, no matter how seemingly different they may look or live. On this planet all life and existence is interdependently connected. And for all I know, the same goes for the whole universe. After all, they say our origins are in the stars.

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