Launching New Website

Today I am launching my new website NordicLike

Because I grew up in Denmark, because I studied Scandinavian Languages and Literature at UC Berkeley (BA) and at UW (MA), because I’m a hybrid of two cultures, because I love to write, because I love to educate, and because the Nordic Way is my way, I now have a platform where my knowledge, my research, and my passion for all Nordic can take form.

I will delve into history, culture, and climate to present the Nordic Way. Like some people are anglophiles or francophiles, perhaps I will tease out the ‘nordophiles’.

The Nordic history is long and rich and mostly known for its Viking Age. The Nordic culture, based on the common good, is a challenge for the individual mind. The Nordic climate, well known for its harsh winters with little daylight, is a force of nature, shaping the human mind.

I hope you want to journey with me into the Nordic Realm.


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