I’ve not been myself since the election. Probably only rested a few hours during the election night. Did get some restful sleep last night but still feel out-of-sorts. Mostly, I’m confused, confused as to what is happening. Perhaps, my California bubble burst and I realize there’s a big bad world out there.

A world of opposites, a world of conflict, and a world of hate. That sounds awful and I don’t want it to be true. At the same time, I know that anger is often born by sadness. Both of these emotions are hard to overcome. I know that personally. And typically, I drink to escape. Too much alcohol, adding to my tired and wired head.

Tuesday afternoon, driven by a nervous constitution, I started to put figures on a new painting I have underway. Yes, that helps. Immersing myself in the act of measuring out the composition and the relations sent me into another, more healthy, escape. I am lucky that way to know what’s good for me (and what is not so good for me).

I have my outlets. For dealing with life’s complications, although, they don’t always work. I refer you to my blog A Letter

Nevertheless, the outcome of the election has pinched me awake, has pulled me out of my comfort zone, has angered me, has saddened me, and perhaps, that’s a good thing. I like to believe that, going forward.



  1. Yes. I believe these are the sentiments of half the country. We were dreaming, delusional, hopeful? Now, we realize there’s more work to be done. And it’s not easy work. For me, it’s the stuff that documentaries are made of, the stories I’ve heard my mother and grandmother recount. That’s what seems to be so sad. I never imagined I’d have to roll up my sleeves and fight for humanity.

  2. I was also initially very upset about the results. After first feeling shocked, then upset and angry and fearful I started asking myself what this meant for the country and the world at large and came to the conclusion that I really did not know. This led me to research and find out about who Trump is and how he operates, instead of buying into media and rumors and opinions tainted by negative feedback. What I learned gave me some hope. I learned that he likes to play hardball and create chaos so that he feels like he is in control when negotiating. However, he does not expect to get what he initially puts on the table, which are usually extreme offers. Good negotiators and those who understand his tactics instead of fearing him and getting stuck in his intimidating ways can influence him and create room for him to change his stands and moderate them, like you might have already learned in regard to what he now states in regard to what he will be doing. No president ever has kept every campaign promise they made. Why would Trump? Everything looks different when one is actually elected and becomes president. The campaign was nasty in so many levels that it drew out the nastiness which we have experiencing lately in many people. However, Trump did not create the hatred that these people have. The darkness was already there and he spoke it out. He himself says that he does not approve of the violence that has been expressed and has now made a public plea to stop it. I feel like the elections speak loudly and we now have an opportunity to unite in a way that we have not been united. We can learn to respect each other and the differences instead of spreading fear and hatred. The muck below the surface has now become undeniably visible. This needed to happen for any healing to start. Most of this country did not even realize how much pain their neighbors were experiencing. I think that the vote was for change more than anything else. I am hopeful. I am optimistic. Regardless of what the circumstances look like now, this is an opportunity for great improvements to come. I choose to believe that we can make this world a better place. Together and in cooperation with each other. Not just with likeminded people but with everyone who is willing to show up to negotiate with an open mind and good intentions in their heart. We have a lot of work ahead of us.

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