New Year and ?

Again. Again. A new year. Starting over. Starting afresh. Such pressure. Such possibilities. This year, though, is different. It feels different to me. For many reasons:

New President (and a lot of unknowns) which pushes me to re-think my own habits, patterns and expectations. Our quest for hope with Obama the last eight years may very well turn into a sense of fear the next four years. And I refuse to feel fear. I want to stand up tall to my own fears, so I can stand up tall to any fears coming my way from the Trump administration.

This translates into action for me. My hope for the better has transitioned into a need for action. I need to act. To face my fears. A call to arms. That is how I feel and my arms are my art works. This will be a year of painting, perhaps more than of writing. Because through the physical act of painting I feel action. I need to move, to dance, to express.

The act of writing requires reflection and an inward sensibility. The act of writing requires re-writing, re-reading, re-writing, and re-reading. Constantly. When is it done? You hope it will be. You hope for a final published piece.

The act of painting demands that I experiment, that I try, that I risk, that I let it take me where it wants to go. I feel less in control. I feel vulnerable. I hang on while resisting. I pursue my own values, my own beliefs, and my own likes.

This is the attitude I need for the coming year and perhaps for the coming four years.

Happy New Year!



  1. I too plan on painting more in the coming year, although in my case it’s book covers. I’m trying to have it be an expression of my hope for the future as well. May your artistic endeavors prove fruitful and satisfying. 🙂

  2. Amazing you should write this post. As you know, we face a dark and uncertain future in Greece (I don’t think the Trump election will improve the outlook *shudder*) and lately I have found myself turning more and more to painting, rather than writing. I think splashing colour around is more sustaining than polishing sentences…

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