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Humans and Nature (not humans against nature) – from my blog


The peoples of the North have a long history of communing with nature, whether by building homes or ships from wood, whether by hunting game for food or clothing, or whether by tilling the soil to grow crops. The Sami people of the northern edge of Norway and Finland survived the cold climate by using the reindeer for transportation, food and clothing; the Inuit people of Greenland built homes of ice and hunted the seal for food, oil and clothing; and the Vikings cut down trees to build their swift ships and sturdy cabins.

To survive the severe and cold North demanded an understanding and appreciation of how to best deal with nature. On one hand, one may have wished to control nature to one’s own benefit but on the other hand, one may have learned to respect the limits of such control. As part of the overall ecological system…

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  1. So true. This reminds me of a quote by Richard Weaver in The Southern Tradition At Bay:

    “But nature is not an opponent, as ancient systems of belief could have instructed us; it is the matrix of our being, and as such scientists we are parricides. Piety is a realization that beyond a certain point victories over nature are pyrrhic.” (p. 16)

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