Meet & Greet Sign-Up and Social Media Conference

Re-blogging for Cathleen who is setting up a Meet and Greet forum on Social Media.

Cathleen Townsend

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People talk a lot about New Year’s resolutions, and I made one myself this year: I’m going to take ownership of my social media. Okay, in a way that sounds silly because who else do my Twitter, Facebook, blog, etc. belong to? But up until now I’ve just been doing things in a state of being semi-overwhelmed–throwing mud on the virtual wall and hoping it sticks. My blog is the only element that has had actual planning.

I’d like to up my game, and like everyone else, I have no temporal fairy who will come and wave her wand, gifting me with more hours every day. I can’t work much harder, not consistently. I have to prioritize and work smarter. I figure everyone else out there is in a similar boat.

Many of you are writers, and like me, you have books to launch into the world. And we’d all…

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