René and Edvard

My latest blog on where I compare an innovative Danish Chef with a turn-of-the-century Norwegian painter. How we perceive through our senses and therefore, our emotions.


René Redzepi of NOMA restaurant in Copenhagen is credited for the New Nordic Movement in food preparation like Alice Waters of Chez Panisse in Berkeley is credited for the Slow Food Movement. The name NOMA is an abbreviation of Nordic and Mad (which means food in Danish). The New Nordic Movement looks to integrate not only food from local farmers and artisans but to include any edible leaf, plant, or seafood that is right there, in the backyard of Denmark. To be picked, handled, and served, cooked or raw to their guests. I would call it Wild to Table.

No doubt that René is working with cultural sensibilities through his innovative and visionary cuisine. The process of eating becomes an aesthetic and artistic experience. It speaks directly to your senses. Perceiving with our senses means we tap into our emotions, listen to them and spit them right back out…

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