Comfort and Risk

I like to feel comfortable. I like to feel safe. I’m especially very fond of my bed that I love to get into after busy nights at the restaurant. Now, working as a manager for a small, Italian dinner house serving only the best ingredients from the market and making their own pastas and pizza crusts, I applaud my timing and good fortune.

I like new challenges. I accept risks in trying new things. I always hope for the best. I have worked at self-owned restaurants (in the 80’s and 90’s) before I went back to school to obtain degrees. With my master degree I taught Reading and Composition for five years at UC Berkeley. Now, I’m back working in the restaurant business.

There’s nothing established about the restaurant business. Restaurants come and go. Every evening is different from the next. When busy, the challenge is to feel like the eye in a storm: calm although surrounded by chaos. There is a key to the madness, and naturally, I have that key. And I think, not only from experience but also, from my type of personality.

I love people. I like to be of service. That combination is a winner when running a restaurant. I like to see people happy. Because the food is great, because the service is attentive, and because the atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable. And guests tend to run into people they know. A real community feeling. Perhaps you remember the show Cheers?

What I’m trying to say is this: how do you combine and balance comfort and risk? Because I crave both. And if I have too much of one and not enough of the other, it doesn’t work. With too much comfort, I get bored. With too much risk, I get nervous. Right now, I’m in a good place.





  1. I can identify with that idea of wanting to feel comfortable. For me, it’s routine. I’m happiest and most comfortable when I have a routine. However, it’s good to change that routine every once in a while–add to it–take away, etc. Great post–it really has me thinking!

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