2017 >>> 2018



2017, a difficult year. That is what I read everywhere. Politically, environmentally, and financially. If not a Trump fan, not a good year; natural disasters happening because of global warming; and health and wealth taken away from the middle class.

I am not a Trump fan, a human without integrity, honesty or morals. The worst part is that he is a misogynist and completely unaware of what’s best for humanity and what’s best for the planet. The way he eats is a good example of that. With him in the news all the time, my hope is that more people will realize his destructive ways.

Natural disasters seem to be more frequent and more violent. For one thing, humans will never conquer Nature; Nature will always be stronger. And it will show its muscles as it sees fit. To have respect for Nature is step one. And that means not conquering it but collaborating with it. Like with our own nature: do not force, do not resist but yield to your true nature.

Envisioning a society with health care for everyone and with a fair distribution of wealth sounds like a joke. In a society where the tiniest mistake will mushroom into a lawsuit in no time, because I’m always right and you have crossed my boundaries, the idea that one is responsible for one’s own actions and thereby consequences seems far fetched and non-existing.

2017 was a good year for me personally. I got closer to myself, as in my own nature. I moved to another area, I started a new job, and I divorced my husband of 39 years. I live in Santa Cruz, California, which I love; I work as the front-of-the-house manager for La Posta restaurant, and my ex and I are good friends.

What I find is that I feel free. I find that I’m in a space that allows me to be me. And I’m not talking about a separate entity from everything else but that my nature corresponds and connects to the environment that I’m in. I am at home with what I do and how I feel.

Happy 2018


  1. Good for you, but still miss you at writing circle. Trump says he goes to McDonald’s to avoid being poisoned. Needs pre-prepaired food.

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  2. Glad to hear that you are happy and in a good place, Elizabeth — truly. And that is not just me being nice, but enlightened self-interest: the more authentically happy people there are, the better everyone’s mental and psychological health: studies have shown this! So Happy 2018 to you too!

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