Writing is Work

I’m still doing it! Writing between 1000 and 2000 words each day. So far, almost 20,000 words and the goal is 50,000 by November 30.

I plan to make it but definitely, I’ll have more words written than ever before on my novel: Aldhaven, a love story. 

What excites me is this: I dropped the idea of writing along a plot line in sequential order. Didn’t work for me. Now, I write in segments. I let my characters meet up in different situations and have them communicate to see what happens. They decide the outcome of the plot. It’s almost like watching a movie, where I don’t know the end. This works for me.

I do like drama and love to read plays, and I like to write dialogue and let my characters perform. It’s thrilling. I put in some background too and those segments are quite different but as important. History, fate, choice, all vital to the story. I am a visual person and see my story while writing.

However, writing is Work! You gotta like it 


  1. I find that gardening metaphor very helpful. And I know what you mean about avoiding getting stuck in your writing by putting your characters in different situations to just see what happens. In my current Nano project, I have a strong basic idea and a LOT of characters, but I didn’t get around to forming any kind of mind map, plot structure, or outline, so I’m totally winging it, almost free writing. I will end up with something very messy and full of weeds, but it will exist! Keep tapping that keyboard 🙂

    • That is great! I’m challenged in just writing free…after all, English is not my first language and often I have to stop to think of a word or go to my translation app for a word (not that our first choice words will be the ones we choose), but I’m sure my writing is slower than average. However, I like the way my characters just speak and say what they want 😝 what has opened up for me is the big vast landscape of what can happen…

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