SYLVIA, a play

Sylvia, a play by A.R. Gurney. Funny, engaging and heartwarming. A middle-aged couple has moved to New York and he is sick of his job and she has started a new career as a teacher of English to inner city kids. He picks up a dog in the park, played by a young woman. The stage is set for conflict and marital trouble.

I play a New York socialite (her girlfriend), believing in thorough discipline of both children and dogs; in having all men be Republicans; and in the power of drinking scotch when needed.

Acting a character is great fun but also helpful for my writing. Putting myself in the shoes of another person and feeling like that person, who totally takes me over, is exactly what I need to create my own characters on the page.

My character, Phyllis, is a far cry from me but here I am, playing her well. I think my own upbringing by parents who wanted dogs off the furniture and cats outside and by a father who voted republican and by a mother who loved sophistication and status, helps me in bringing Phyllis to life.

My dream as a child and youth was to become an actor and I’m happy to be playing now, later in life. Nothing is ever too late!

Some more scenes:


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