Experience, every moment

We invented language. We are storytellers of words, of images.

Words are loaded. By that I mean, they come with a tagline, a definition, which makes it important how I use them.

Images go further. They can convey a thing we know, for example a shoe, but they may also show a shoe that doesn’t look like what we know a shoe to be. Perhaps, the artist owns a shoe she loves but a shoe that hurts her foot. She may make an image of pain coming from the shoe.

As a visual artist, telling stories, I have more freedom creating my stories as I experience them, every moment.

Here are some images from a type case that I have filled with photos, mementos, and other small things that have meaning for me. What theses images convey are moments and experiences, lived separately but here, put together, in a new form, telling different stories.

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