Blogger Recognition Award

Thank you Ana Manwaring for nominating me!

My monotype above is a colorful THANK YOU of letters: the tool of our trade.

Because of you I have been using more letters – that is writing – the past year than ever before. You are an inspiration, a friend, and a go-to writer for support and insight.

Now, looking at my blog, I realize I started blogging back in 2013 but some of my early blogs from 13 and 14, I have erased. You’ll find a few from 15 but it was in 2016 I got serious and blogged a couple each month.

This year it’s been about one blog a month. Seems to fit my schedule and my intent to share. I must admit I do not care to read or to write daily blogs, even weekly blogs (unless short). Two blogs a month is perfect for me.

This is what I think about blogging. It has to fit your schedule and your intent. What has been a challenge for me has been to focus on something specific and particular that I want to write about and to share.

I am the type of person who has an opinion about most things and want to write about it! However, I call my blog Art and Storytelling because that is what I do: I paint and I write. And my interest for the human condition is what I want to share.

I am inspired by fairytales and literary works and love plays that to me combine painting and writing by being visual and audible at the same time.

If you want to blog, take it easy and edge yourself into the right space for you. A place where you write your truth as best you can. It’ll take practice to pare down all your thoughts and intentions, but it’s worth it!

To blog is meaningful to me and not at all stressful.

I recommend finding blogs you like and put them on your blog, especially when they fit your own interests and ideas.

Once again, THANK YOU Ana for nominating me and thank you for writing your blog Building a Better Story

I would like to nominate Mike Tuggle for the Blogger Recognition Award. I have followed Mike, who is a science fiction writer, for years and what I appreciate about his blog is his helpful links to other writers and to the craft of writing.


  1. Congratulations on your award, Elizabeth — I delight in your colorful, art-laced blog, and I appreciate your encouragement to go at a pace that makes sense for the writer (so counter to all the frantic content-creation advice out there!).

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