I’m on target this year! I will make the 50,000 words required by the National November Writing Month. I am putting together my memoir. Last year I worked on my novel and made it to 35,000 words.

Because I’ve written a journal since 1989 and wrote diaries in my youth, I have lots of material. The challenge is to craft it into something interesting! It may look like I had an easy childhood, youth and adulthood to the people who know me, but what cannot be seen–inner conflict–is worth writing about.

I grew up with a wave of feminism in the 60’s and 70’s and found the love of my life when I was seventeen. I had a lot of growing up to do. I immigrated to California in my twenties with husband and young children. It takes time to switch to a new culture, understand it, and connect to it.

I call my memoir: My Own Girl

You can follow me on and search for my name.

What helps me the most with this process is that I write every day!! Last year I realized that I could put a story together–all it took was dedication and discipline. Practice, practice, practice. And you become better:)


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