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Meet & Greet Sign-Up and Social Media Conference

Originally posted on Cathleen Townsend:
People talk a lot about New Year’s resolutions, and I made one myself this year: I’m going to take ownership of my social media. Okay, in a way that sounds silly because who else do my Twitter, Facebook, blog, etc. belong to? But up until now I’ve just been doing things in a state of being semi-overwhelmed–throwing mud on the virtual wall and hoping it sticks. My blog is the only element that has had actual planning. I’d like to up my game, and like…

Why kids can learn more from tales of fantasy than realism

Originally posted on M.C. Tuggle, Writer:
Deena Weisberg is a senior fellow in psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. Her specialty is “imaginative cognition,” which studies how imagination boosts one’s ability to learn. Her research demonstrates that children absorb new material taught in the context of a fanciful scenario better than they do when it’s presented in more realistic terms. In a recent edition of Aeon, she challenges herself with a question she’s grappled with before: Why do fantastical stories stimulate learning? What can be going on? Perhaps children…

Back to Nature

Originally posted on NordicLike:
The peoples of the North have a long history of communing with nature, whether by building homes or ships from wood, whether by hunting game for food or clothing, or whether by tilling the soil to grow crops. The Sami people of the northern edge of Norway and Finland survived the cold climate by using the reindeer for transportation, food and clothing; the Inuit people of Greenland built homes of ice and hunted the seal for food, oil and clothing; and the Vikings cut down trees…

Keep Calm and Carry On

Originally posted on NordicLike:
This year the Danes have yet again been awarded The Most Happy People by a United Nations Poll. Third year in a row. What makes people happy? According to the Danes, these are the major points: Free Access to Health Care Free Access to Education A welfare system that takes care of you from cradle to grave 35-hour work week and 5 weeks of paid vacation annually A community where kids can walk from home to school safely To pay for this safe, healthy and educated life the Dane…

All Its Ways

There is a sense of make-believe about much of life, as if it were a play. I buy books I won’t read for year, or keep up the appearance of my house, or do so much for a “future” I am not even guara… Source: All Its Ways