Carnival Figures

My Carnival Figures are inspired by a story by Isak Dinesen called Carnival. Eight people gather for a supper at a villa north of Copenhagen after the masquerade ball in town. They are dressed up, in drag, cross-gender, and in typical commedia dell’arte costumes.

They gather to talk about love, sex, money, art, life and death. At the end of the story they wager their wealth to the one person who draws the winning ticket. A game of risk, luck and fate. No matter how your life evolves, is it already pre-destined? A typical question from Isak Dinesen.

And while we’re at it, living, how much is being played out behind a mask? A typical quote from Isak Dinesen:

I shall know ye by thy mask

The paintings are mixed media (tempera, gouache, acrylics) and measure 18″x12″ – for sale at $285 ea

Søren Kierkegaard and Pierrot are SOLD


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