Grandchildren Series

A series inspired by my six grandchildren: Jack, Hannah, Georgia, Alexander, Charlie and Levi. When I paint I look at a photo of the image I’m painting. I like to capture moods in photos and it is the mood I’m painting.

Colors are very important to me, because they also convey a mood, an emotion, a sensibility, so I choose my colors with care. Shape and form are my tools for storytelling. Whether I’m painting large or small, the composition shows the story I want to tell.

I have chosen verbs for my titles. Together with the image the title hints at the story I have in mind and I invite you, the viewer, to enjoy it. I was inspired by my grandchildren, however, I don’t strive to create a realistic painting of them as they are already represented realistically in the photos. I do strive, though, to bring about my relationship to them which is pure love.

Painted with acrylics and framed they measure 24″ by 20″ and sell for $350 ea

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