The above painting, Wunjo, Raidho, Gebo, Oil on Board, 19″x39″, is part of a traveling exhibit called Runes Revealed.

The Bay Area Artist Group Nordic5Arts has shown Runes Revealed at three different venues, two in the Bay Area and one in Tacoma, WA.

You can read about the Runic Alphabet here

Here is my story behind the work:

Being a figurative and narrative painter I looked for runes that could tell a story. At the same time, I wanted runes that would look like figures. I ended up with Wunjo, Raidho, and Gebo. From Wunjo that looks like the Latin letter P I immediately perceived a pregnant figure. From Raidho that looks like the Latin letter R I imagined a figure in motion. And from Gebo that looks like the Latin letter X I saw a combined figure of the first two. As I simultaneously read the meanings of these three runes, with Wunjo representing joy, pleasure, and comfort, Raidho representing ride, journey, and the dance of life, and Gebo representing gift, indicating balance, I put my interpretation together:

Wunjo is the female principle, Raidho the male principle, and Gebo the combined female/male principle. I added circles on top of the rune symbols to indicate heads for my figures and within these circles, the female and male signs as we use them. I want to point out that we as humans all contain the female and male principles and that the balance of the two in our nature and personality is a gift.